Gluten Free Cooking: Recipes from Home


This is a complete cookbook with breakfasts, main dishes, breads, cookies, cakes, and deserts. Many of them are not found in other cookbooks, but came from farm wives who passed recipes around at picnics, church and ice cream socials. Coming from a big family, I learned to cook at an early age. Raising a large family and cooking for farm hands with everything made from scratch, I had lots of years doing what I enjoyed. After finding out that I had a gluten intolerance, I began to change my great recipes into gluten free recipes. I was wishing there was a cookbook for the type of things I liked when one of my sons said, “You do a cookbook”, so I did. Most of the recipes taste the same as “regular” food and people cannot believe they are gluten free. I love challenges and doing the cookbook was a challenge I enjoyed.